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Norlax sets the quality benchmark in packaged seafood for foodservice professionals. Appreciated by chefs for its quality and consistency, this premium range is traditionally cured to bring out its wonderful flavour. Salmon that’s hand-salted with natural sea salt and smoked to perfection, trout that’s hot smoked and melts in the mouth.... your patrons will demand more! Great flavours and textures to enhance and contribute to superb dishes.


Norlax Smoked Salmon

Pack Sizes:
300g, 500g, 1kg

Produced from the finest hand-selected and hand-trimmed Atlantic Salmon, Norlax Smoked Salmon is traditionally smoked in aromatic Beechwood chips and finished with a delicate hand-salting of natural sea salt – all to bring out the wonderful natural flavours. A superb choice for a myriad of culinary applications, its firm texture and splendid colour are complemented by a flavour profile tailored to the Australasian consumer. High in Omega-3 oils and Kosher certified


Norlax Hot Smoked Rainbow Trout

Pack Sizes:

Another delicious, traditionally smoked product from Norlax. Only Rainbow Trout from pristine waters are filleted and hot smoked in Beechwood chips to produce this product that is unique in the Australian market. With its distinct flavour, it can be included as a hero product in so many dishes and a real menu feature. Kosher certified and high in Omega-3 oils.


Norlax Smoked Ocean Trout

Pack Sizes:

Delivering the distinctively delicate taste of Ocean Trout, this hand-selected Norlax product is traditionally smoked with aromatic Beechwood chips and then enhanced with a touch of natural sea salt to bring out the delicious flavours. A quality choice for a surprising number of applications, Norlax Smoked Ocean Trout is presented as hand- trimmed thin slices which are deep orange in colour and traditionally less oily than alternatives. Kosher certified and high in Omega-3 oils